Purva Tendulkar

I am a Visiting Research Staff at UC San Diego, where I work with Prof. Xiaolong Wang. My research focus is on computer vision and self-supervised representation learning.

I completed my Master's in Computer Science at Georgia Tech in 2020 where I was advised by Prof. Devi Parikh. I have also collaborated with Ani Kembhavi at AI2. In 2018, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from College of Engineering Pune (COEP), India.

I've had the pleasure of interning at:

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SOrT-ing VQA Models: Improving Consistency via Gradient Alignment
Sameer Dharur, Purva Tendulkar, Dhruv Batra, Devi Parikh, Ramprasaath R. Selvaraju
Preprint (under review), 2020
Contact for paper
Feel The Music: Automatically Generating A Dance For An Input Song (Oral)
Purva Tendulkar, Abhishek Das, Aniruddha Kembhavi, Devi Parikh
International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC), 2020
Paper/ Talk/ Dances/ Code/ Tech@Facebook article/ Press/ Bib
SQuINTing at VQA Models: Interrogating VQA Models with Sub-Questions (Oral)
Ramprasaath R. Selvaraju, Purva Tendulkar, Devi Parikh, Eric Horvitz, Marco Tulio Ribeiro, Besmira Nushi, Ece Kamar
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020
Paper/ Talk/ Data/ Bib
Trick or TReAT: Thematic Reinforcement for Artistic Typography (Best Presentation Award)
Purva Tendulkar, Kalpesh Krishna, Ramprasaath R. Selvaraju, Devi Parikh
International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC), 2019
Paper/ Talk/ Demo/ Code/ Bib

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